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Peter Crouch, Wonder Goals & Trevor Sinclair‽

There can be no doubt that Peter Crouch’s goal against Man City on Saturday was something special. Goal of the season? Almost definitely, it was sublime. The best he’ll ever score in his career? Quite possibly but it is certainly not the first ‘wonder goal’ he’s ever scored.

*Click on the pic for a gif of the goal

This is mostly due to the fact that Crouch is something of a specialist when it comes to the holy grail of finishes: the overhead kick, memorably producing this piece of magic (or it’s close relation the scissor kick) for Liverpool in the Champions League against Galatasaray as well as against Bolton and even against current club Stoke City during his time at Portsmouth. (Just don’t mention the air shot against Egypt… Although on the topic of Crouch for England you should really read this piece: The Peter Crouch Myth by Liam Ferry.)

Limbs everywhere! (and Rigobert Song!!!)

Overhead kicks are simply excellent, they exist in a world parallel to all other types of goal requiring perfect technique, concentration and athleticism as well as confidence and audacity. (Not to mention the fact that they’re almost impossible to recreate on concrete playgrounds!)

The video linked to below (because they won’t let me embed it) contains not only Crouch but a selection of the very best overhead kicks ever scored such as a ludicrous goal from Mauro Bressan against Barcelona. Unsurprisingly many are the work of some of the greatest goalscorers the world has ever known such as a top corner finish from Van Basten or some unbelievable improvisation from Ronaldinho (less so from Zlatan…). I am a purest however: the ‘overhead’ kick is not in fact the pinnacle at all, what is even better is a true bicycle kick.

For this there are only a couple of contenders. Firstly Rivaldo’s flawless goal against Valencia, the work of a true Brazilian great but by setting himself up, however brilliantly, he detracts from the technique required for the bicycle kick itself.

This leaves the greatest overhead kick of all time…

Possibly the greatest goal ever…

as the work of one Trevor Sinclair of Queens Park Rangers (1996-1997 season)

Textbook execution. Outside the box. Take a bow son:

YouTube: Overhead Kicks – Some of the greatest and the best in the world of Football

(apologies in advance for the OC soundtrack)

1995/96 (QPR were relegated to Division 1 for 1996/97)

(For just the Sinclair goal, with a much more amusing Babylon Zoo soundtrack, click here)

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