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Please find links below to every single sticker posted on the blog as well as some additional ones that are added each week also…

Merlin Premier League sticker albums 1994-99

Adams, Tony 1993/94 (Arsenal)

Anelka, Nicolas 1997/98 (Arsenal)

Appleby, Matty 1997/98 (Barnsley)

Barmby, Nicky 1993/94 (Tottenham Hotspur)

Bould, Steve 1994/95 (Arsenal)

Campbell, Sol 1993/94 (Tottenham Hotspur)

Cascarino, Tony 1993/94 (Chelsea)

Casiraghi, Pierluigi 1998/99 (Chelsea)

Clarke, Steve 1997/98 (Chelsea)

Davies, Kevin 1997/98 (Southampton)

Di Matteo, Roberto 1997/98 (Chelsea)

Dixon, Lee 1993/94 (Arsenal)

Dowie, Iain 1993/94 (Southampton)

Ferdinand, Rio 1997/98 (West Ham United)

Fowler, Robbie 1993/94 (Liverpool)

Gale, Tony 1993/94 (West Ham)

Giggs, Ryan 1993/94 (Manchester United)

Given, Shay 1997/98 (Newcastle United)

Gray, Andy 1993/94 (Sky Sports)

Guivarc’h, Stéphane 1998/99 (Newcastle United)

Gullit, Ruud 1996/97 (Chelsea)

Hateley, Mark 1995/96 (Queens Park Rangers)

Hoddle, Glenn 1994/95 (Chelsea)

Hughes, Mark 1997/98 (Chelsea)

Ince, Paul 1997/98 (Liverpool)

James, David 1994/95 (Liverpool)

Joachim, Julian (1998/99) Aston Villa

Juninho Paulista 1996/97 (Middlesbrough)

Keane, Robbie 1999/2000 (Coventry City)

Keys, Richard (with Clive Allen) 1993/94 (Sky Sports)

Klinsmann, Jurgen 1994/95 (Tottenham Hotspur)

Le Tissier, Matthew (double) 1993/94 (Southampton)

Little, Brian (printed) 1994/95 (manager – Aston Villa)

Lukic, John 1993/94 (Leeds United)

Maddison, Neil 1994/95 (Southampton)

Merson, Paul 1993/94 (Arsenal)

Merson, Paul 1996/97 (Arsenal)

Neville, Gary 1996/97 (Manchester United)

Neville, Philip 1997/98 (Manchester United)

Newton, Eddie 1998/99 (Chelsea)

Pallister, Gary 1993/94 (Manchest United)

Petit, Emmanuel 1997/98 (Arsenal)

Petrescu, Dan 1997/98 (Chelsea)

Pires, Robert 2005/06 (Arsenal)

Platt, David 1995/96 (Arsenal)

Poyet, Gus 1997/98 (Chelsea)

Redknapp, Jamie 1995/96 (Liverpool)

Richardson, Kevin 1993/94 (Aston Villa)

Rocastle, David 1993/94 (Leeds United)

Ronaldo (centre pages) 1997/98 (Brazil)

Rush, Ian 1993/94 (Liverpool)

Scholes, Paul 1994/95 (Manchester United)

Sinclair, Frank 1993/94 (Chelsea)

Sinclair, Trevor 1995/96 (Queens Park Rangers)

Smith, Alan 1993/94 (Arsenal)

Speed, Gary 1993/94 (Leeds United)

Stamp, Phil 1998/99 (Middlesbrough)

Staunton, Steve 1998/99 (Liverpool)

Thomas, Michael 1995/96 (Liverpool)

Vialli, Gianluca 1997/98 (Chelsea)

Vieira, Patrick 1997/98 (Arsenal)

Walsh, Paul 1994/95 (Manchester City)

Walsh, Paul (featured) 1994/95 (Manchester City)

Winterburn, Nigel 1993/94 (Arsenal)

Wise, Dennis 1997/98 (Chelsea)

Zola, Gianfranco 1997/98 (Chelsea)





Brady, William 1985/86 (Inter Milan)

Dorigo, Anthony 1997/98 (Bari)

Hateley, Mark 1984/85 (AC Milan)

Hateley, Mark 1985/86 (AC Milan)

O’Leary, David 1987/88 (Arsenal)

Wilkins, Raymond 1985/86 (AC Milan)


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