Scout the Author (New!)

If for some reason you would like to scout me for something other than my precocious footballing talent then feel free to drop me an email [jakemountain(at)] or contact me on twitter [@jake_mountain], otherwise, especially if you are an Arsenal scout, please find my footballing CV below:

The Bailey Boys – Hatfield Olympics 2009 (Left to right – Back row: Souts, Rupar, Ste; Front Row: Ollie O’D, Mountain, Cal)


  • Jake Mountain


  • Striker/Utility Player


  • Left: Strong
  • Right: Reasonable

Preferred Moves

  • Gets best goals out of the way in pre-season
  • Exhausts box of tricks in warm-up
  • Attempts through balls


  • 2006/07: The Skinner’s School (loyal bench-warmer/AML) – North Kent Division 1
  • 2007/08: TS&P [5-a-side] Office team (Trequartista) – The ‘Networking’ League (top scorer/player of the season)
  • 2008: Hadlow United (ML) – West Kent Sunday League Division 4
  • 2008-2011: Hatfield College (Durham University) (Samba Cs)
    • 2008/09: (ML/ST) – Division 3 (narrowly missed out on promotion under captain Tim Sherwood; 1 league appearance for Hatfield B)
    • 2009/10: (ST) – Division 3 (crowned Champions with 100% winning record in league & only knocked out of cup by Hild Bede A after extra-time and penalties (I was 5th penalty-taker but it didn’t get that far!) – the greatest season in the Samba Cs’ illustrious history)
    • 2010/11: (ST) – Division 2 (not relegated!; 1 cup appearance for Hatfield B, had a penalty saved for Hatfield D…)
  • 2011/12: SubStandard Liege [6-a-side] (Regista/Utility Player) – Champion Soccer, Tonbridge Division 2 
    • Club statement 21/05/12: “Breaking News: Jake Mountain dropped for pulling a Tevez”
    • 28/05/12: The comeback game. (5-2 loss).

SubStandard Liege 2011/12 (Left to right – Back row: Man vs Food, Unders, Makey; Front Row: Wint, Sam, Mountain)

(See also: Beginnings)

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