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Team DB

‘Sir’ Becks

Like most of the country I’m rather enjoying the Olympics. Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony was truly, truly epic and now whether it’s swimming, cycling, gymnastics, rowing, weight lifting, basketball, volleyball or even archery I’m absolutely loving it – even more so as it’s in London. Unsurprisingly I’ve also been keeping tabs on the football, in fact I’ve got tickets for three matches!

A lack of home interest has never stopped me following Olympic football before now however just as England’s absence from Euro 2008 didn’t stop me living every moment but the fact that a team is representing Great Britain for the first time in 41 years certainly provides added intrigue. Unfortunately for me their victory over Uruguay means that they will have to reach the final, negotiating a half of the draw containing Brazil, for me to get to see them despite my unbelievable ticket windfall!!!

My tickets:

Quarter Final – Sat 3rd – Senegal v Mexico (with the missus)

Semi-Final – Tue 7th – winner of Sen v Mex against winner of Jap v Egy (courtesy of the legendary Pez-man)

Final – Sat 11th – Gold Medal match! (courtesy of the legendary Ken-babes)

Despite all of this excitement my favourite footballer and athlete of the games so far has been a man who isn’t even competing. A man who was instrumental in London’s successful bid and who was prematurely (but excellently) proclaimed as a knight of the realm as Britain received the Olympic flame in the Panathenaic Stadium. A man who out-James Bonded James Bond himself (whether that would have happened on Brosnan’s watch is open to debate) at the opening ceremony.

The greatest thing that has ever happened. Ever.

Now I don’t think that Beckham should have been in the GB squad just because he helped with the bid – as everyone seems to have said, ‘then Coe would be in the athletics team‘ but let’s not forget that Becks can still play a bit!!! Maybe it was right not to pick him (that was difficult to write) but wouldn’t it have been bloody brilliant if he’d had his Shevchenko moment…

Here’s what we missed out on as he scored a brace for LA Galaxy just a couple of weeks ago shortly after finding out he had missed out on a place in Stuart Pearce’s squad:


Portland Timbers meanwhile must be sick of the sight of him as he already scored something of a wonder goal against them back in April as posted here on Mountain’s Short Thoughts & Measured Musings.

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Roberto Carlos Retires (there are videos…)


Wow. So ol’ thunder thighs has officially hung up his boots. For my thoughts on that, pretty much see my thoughts on Ronaldo retiring last year.

Meanwhile, without further ado, here is that goal:

(The second replay behind the ball is the one, unbelievable scenes!)


125 caps for Brazil (11 goals)
1x FIFA World Cup: 2002 (runner-up 1998)
2x Copa América: 1997, 1999
1x FIFA Confederations Cup: 1997

Real Madrid (over 400 appearances, 50 goals 1996–2007)
3x UEFA Champions League: 1998, 2000, 2002
4x La Liga titles: 1997, 2001, 2003, 2007
3x Spanish Supercopa: 1997, 2001, 2003
2x Intercontinental Cup: 1998, 2002
1x UEFA Super Cup: 2002

(…and that’s just the highlights!)

More vids? Go on then…


Bobby Carlos: bloody hero.

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